Accounting Software Solutions


Quickbooks by Intuit is the best-selling accounting software in the world and is well-suited to at least 90% of small and home businesses. We have worked out a deal with the Quickbooks people to get our students and other visitors to this page a discount on the purchase of most versions of Quickbooks.

QuickBooks gives you the power to manage your small business finances more effectively by providing you the tools you need to organize your financial data in one place, increase your productivity and simplify your business operations. Create invoices and statements, see which customers owe you money and how much you owe, and instantly generate the reports you need. Buy now and save up to 15%.

Clicking on the banner below will take you to the Quickbooks page that has price and ordering information.


QUICKBOOKS USERS ONLINE COMMUNITY is an online community of Quickbooks and Quickbooks Pro users and experts. It's free to connect into the Quickbooks community. Once there you can ask questions, solve problems, give and get advice from other Quickbooks users. They also have a list of third party solutions. Click on the link below to check them out. - The online community of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro users and experts. Free support, tips, software, other resources.


Accounting Courses Online will soon be opening for business. Shortly after we begin offering our regular accounting courses, we will be offering courses in how to use Quickbooks to manage your small or home business.